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Prariksha Pe Charcha 2020


Prime Minister’s Interaction Programme

The third edition of Prime Minister’s interaction programme with school students ‘Prariksha Pe Charcha 2020’ was held at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi on Monday. Around 2,000 students participated from all over India in the programme. The students of St. Montfort School also became a part of the programme by watching the live telecast of the same in the school auditorium. PM Modi introduced the event by showing his concern towards increasing stress level in students and appealed the parents not to burden their child.

Responding to the questions asked by the students about failure, marks, extra-curricular activities, technology, etc., he stated that Every failure is a step towards success quoting the example of Chadrayaan 2. Marks are not life anymore and urged parents not to tell children that exams are everything.
Extra-curricular activities too are important, not pursuing which can make a person like a robot.

Not to allow tech to take control of lives and urged students to ensure at least one hour per day free of technology. At the end, PM Narendra Modi encouraged students to go out and personally interact with people. The programme proved to be very beneficial and fruitful for the students and teachers. They learned how to manage stress and remain positive.

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