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Rahul says Modi govt failed to waive off farmers' loans, laments that people who work hard are never rewarded


New Delhi, Charging the Narendra Modi government of being 'anti-farmer ' and 'anti-poor', Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that the government has failed to waive off loans of farmers. Addressing a conference called by the Congress to discuss the concerns faced by the Other Backward Classes, Rahul said people who work hard are never rewarded. 'People who work hard in India and have the right skills are never rewarded . The NDA Government has failed to waive off the loans of farmers even though the loans of the corporates have been waived off. Farmers will continue to commit suicide. They will continue to be in distress but their loans will not be waived off. Our Prime Minister has not given a penny to our farmers for their work,': Rahul said at the conference. The conference, held at the Talkatora stadium, is being seen as an attempt by the Congress to increase its outreach towards the OBC community. Mr Gandhi said Congress had always worked for the welfare of the OBC community. 'For the past 70 years, the Congress has worked for the welfare of the OBC. Be it reservations or fighting for their rights, we will stand by the people and take the country forward,'Rahul said. Noting that there were several skilled people among the OBC community, Rahul said,'our Prime Minister says that India lacks skilled people. This is not true. There are many skilled OBC people. Coca-Cola company was started by someone who sold 'Shikanji' in the US. He used to mix sugar in water. His work was appreciated and he was successful.' The Congress is trying to win over the OBCs to help boost its chances in the elections in three states and 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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