Apache in IAF

The ultra modern with tremendous attack and fire power capability fighter helicopter Apache have been inducted in the Indian Air Force by the Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanao at the Pathankot Air Base. Air Marshal Dhanao is on the verge of retirement and it was his parting gift to the

Turmoil on sand

The river sand is the biggest point of political and administrative corruption in the Madhya Pradesh. The powerful and criminal sand mafias are carrying out this business without any hindrance. Everyday sand of crores of rupees are illegally taken out and sold out and bribe of lakhs of rupees are pa

Register of Citizens

It is one of the job assigned to the National Registrar of Births and Death to maintain NRC (National Register of Citizens). But it is so top heavy and expensive work that Central Government has not asked the Registrar to undertake it and neither provided funds for it. Most of the developed and saf

Traffic Violations

The Central Government has steeply hiked the penalty and jail terms for committing traffic offenders and crimes. These strict measures have come into effect and operation from September 1, 2019. But the states are allowed it so desire, to reduce the fine amount in such traffic violations by 50 per c

Bank System in Doldrums

The Indian banking system passing through a very critical situation. It is a paradox that Government is constantly providing it budgetary financial support as working capital to carry on business on the other hand financial frauds are increasing in it eroding its stability and financial viability.

Healthy India

Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi after earlier launching two national campaign of close door toilets in homes and public places and “clean India” with no garbage anywhere has launched a new national campaign of “Healthy India”. These public welfare programmes will continue all time to come an

Arun Jaitley

The name of Mr Arun Jaitley is recorded permanently in the economic history of India as a initiator and pioneer of economic unity of India. He launched the uniform tax system for the whole country-the G.S.T. (Goods and Service Tax) in his capacity as Union Finance Minister. It was an idea of Prime M

Chidambaram Held

The former Union Home and Finance Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram was arrested by the CBI on the night of August 21, 2019 from his Jor Bagh residence in Delhi in a very dramatic situation. He was brought to CBI headquarters in custody and after some questioning he was arrested.  The Charge against him th

Babulal Gaur

In the death of Mr.Babulal Gaur the Madhya Pradesh lost versatile very popular and polite social and political leader. He had led a very colourful life. He started as textile labourer and reached to the level of becoming Chief Minister of the State. He died at the ripe age of 89 on August 21 in Bhop

Indira Jyoti

The Chief Minister Mr Kamal Nath Government has launched a new power scheme the Indira Graha Jyoti Yojana and amalgating all other schemes in to it to make a unified one combined yojna to simplify the different procedures and calculations on the basis of BPL-ABPL, SC-ST etc. With Indira Jyoti all pr