208 people recover at Apna Covid Centre Apno kay Liye


Bhopal: The exemplary initiative of Inder Singh Parmar, Minister of State for School Education (Independent Charge) and General Administration, has begun to bring pleasant results to the -Apna Kay Liye Apna Covid Center- in Shajapur district. Out of 327 patients admitted to this center run with the selfless support of society, so far 208 persons have gone to their homes after recovering. All the healthy people said that they were given tea, snacks, food and medicines on time. There was no problem of any kind. He has thanked the administration and society for the arrangements and facilities of the center.
The 150-bed 'Apna Kovid Center', run by the government in collaboration with the society, has all the necessary and basic requirements for patients such as beds, coolers, televisions, as well as breakfast, tea, meals. The village's young Corona Warriors are engaged in caring for the patients. To run the 'Apna Kovid Center', all sections of society have donated items according to their capacity and service. Recently, Mr. Ankit Chaudhary, resident of Shujalpur presented an oxygen concentrator machine for the treatment of corona infected patients. Ankit Chaudhary currently lives in Mumbai along with his family. Mr. Parmar met his father Mr. Satish ji Chaudhary residing in Shujalpur and thanked Mr. Ankit for his contribution on the video call.
Minister in charge of Shajapur and Agar Malwa District, Mr. Parmar Corona works continuously and continuously for the prevention and management of infections. Whether it is to ensure better arrangements for the treatment of corona infected patients in collaboration with the administration or to organize a public awareness campaign for the prevention of corona infection by uniting the society. 
Parmar has provided Rs. 50 lakhs from his MLA fund to the administration for treatment, arrangements and purchase of oxygen concentrator high pressure machine for Corona infected patients. Along with this, he himself along with Madhya Pradesh Jan Abhiyan Parishad and youth encourages all the common people to apply masks, sanitization, maintain social distancing and Kovid-19 vaccination. Mr. Parmar has done the work of bringing administrative officials, public representatives and society on a platform against the corona infection. As a result of the united efforts of all, now Madhya Pradesh is moving towards becoming Corona infection free state.