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381 violated traffic law in first hour, 24 have been penalized


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Intelligent traffic management system (ITMS) of Bhopal smart city development corporation limited (BSCDCL) have began to take legal action against traffic law violators from Monday evening. In first hour 28 law breakers had been penalized and 381 violators have been identified on first day. Commissioner Azad Shatru Srivastava, Bhopal Collector Sudama Khade, Inspector General of police Jaideep Prasad, Deputy Inspector General Dharmendre Chowdhry, Bhopal Municipal Corporation commissioner and BSCDL’s ED Avinash Lavania was present in this event. Actually BSCDL is using ITMS to monitor disorganized traffic system of the capital. For this 255 High resolution cameras are installed on 24 Trijunction. If any two-vehicle driver drives, without wearing Helmet, vehicle standing on Zebra crossing or over stop line or driving in over speed these high resolution CCTV capture their picture and immediately sent to the traffic control room. From there the Challan invoice will send on the mobile of traffic law violators in the form of SMS, Whatsapp of Email. It is significant that BSCDCL has installed ITMS on 24 intersections of the capital. This system was inaugurated on 8th May by the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Central government’s State Minister Hardeep Singh Puri and till Monday evening, vehicle drivers were being educated through ITMS.

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