4 Years of Modi


The Bhartiya Janata Party Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has completed four years in office and heading for another term in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. In a technical sense it is a coalition Government named NDA with other parties like Shiv Sena, Lok Jan Shakti Party, Akali Dal but in practical sense in wholly BJP Government wit its own absolute majority and not in requirement to seek their help.Then too gracefully it has not kept out the supporting parties. The four years are definitely landmark year of Mr.Narendra Modi of achievements and some drawbacks also. The biggest achievement of Mr.Narendra Modi is the emphasis on ‘Clean India’ and use of toilets right from rural to urban jhuggi areas. He declare it in his very fist address to the Nation on Independence day on August 15 from the rampart of the Red Fort. Strangely and how the open air defecation become the part of Indian rural life and they considered it most clean habit to go far away from residences as a way of their life. But actually it is very a ugly and dirty habit. The Congress led UPA Government also started Nirmal Bharat Yojna for making close door latrine a way of life but it could not charge the age old habit and the Government provided latrines became additional rooms. But ‘Clean India’ is a new start with a very aggressive campaign to achieve it and gradually people becoming aware of its benefit and improvement and implementation of ‘Clean India’. It is virtually a campaign of Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle saying cleanliness is more important than the freedom of the nation. In this sense Mr.Modi has really paid true tributes to the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi by making ‘Clean India’ first programme of his Government. It should be taken for granted that for his first programme ‘Clean India’ Mr.Modi has launched a cultural revolution of India and his Government still going strong with devotion zeal to see it succeed and become general way of life to make India really “Clean”. The foreign policy is another landmark of Mr.Modi. His first foreign visit to our closest geographical neighbour Bhutan. Under a Treaty India looks after its foreign affairs. This small Kingdom has system of Parliamentary Government with constitutional monarchy. By Intuition Mr.Modi realized that China would try to infiltrate in this hilly kingdom to bring it closure of China and wean away from India. Within two years the China tried to do it by trying to move closure to Bhutan from Doklam. Without any delay the Indian Army stopped Chinese intrusion in Doklam declaring even if there is war with China. The India will not allow China to be at Doklam. The China realized that India is no more that it was 1962. The China withdraw from Doklam. After sometime the Chinese President Mr.Jinping invited Mr.Modi to China to have an informal summit meeting a new trend in foreign policy and politics. When nothing was signed or declared as official record for public information. Shortly after than Mr.Modi and Russian President Mr.Vladimir Putin also held such in formal summits at Sochi - a Russia sea resort on the Black sea. Mr.Modi has developed very close personal relationship with Japanese Prime Minister Mr.Shizo Abe. The China is trying to extend its maritime boundary in the North and South China seas of the Pacific Ocean. All the nations particularly Pacific nations looking towards India that only it can in association with Japan can frustrate Chinese expansionism. India has developed very close relationship with Vietnam, which is land-linked with China. India is digging oil wells in Vietnam sea and giving it missile system to build up it defence. In the home front Modi Government has launched to major schemes of national importance - the Bharadmala of National Road Connectivity and Sagar Mala to economically develop entire sea coast of 7000 kilometer from East to West Bay of Bengal in West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra, Tamil Nadu in Indian Ocean also on ward to Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat on Arabian sea. So far but few coastal cities the entire coast line of India is most consists of small villages of fisher people. The Sagar Mala will give a new face India’s sea coasts. But on the negative side the demonstration and issuing Rs.2000 currency notes was disaster and it ruined the Indian economy with few year the 70 per cent of Rs.2000 currency notes have gone out of circulation and Government has stopped its printing also. Without formal announcement the 2000 notes stands demonetized. The Modi Government has failed to getting direct foreign investment for railways. His scheme of ‘Make in India’ has not picked up as envisaged.