5th Phase of Voting


In the 5th phase of voting in the Lok Sabha election 51 seats held in 7 states Madhya Pradesh -7 seats, Bihar-5, Rajasthan-12, Uttar Pradesh-14, West Bengal-7, Jharkhand-4 and Jammu-Kashmir-2. The all India average of this phase is 68.99 per cent but in Madhya Pradesh it is higher upto 70 per cent. The Betul seat recorded the highest polling upto 77.84 per cent. In Madhya Pradesh the voting held in the seats of Khajuraho, Tikamgarh, Damoh, Satna, Rewa, Hoshangabad and Betul. Uptil now out of 534 total seats of the Lok Sabha the polling have been completed in 425 seats. Now only 2 the 6th and 7th phase of poling have remained. The results will be out on May 23-24. In Kashmir the polling in one seat Anantnag was held in 2 phases and completed on May 6. Here the polling as expected was very low 2.38 per cent. The Jammu and Kashmir has three regions the Northern Ladakh with Buddhist majority. The middle sector Valley is Muslim majority and the Southern Jammu is Hindu majority region. In the second phase polling was also held in Ladakh and here the polling was as high as 62 per cent. This established that entire Jammu – Kashmir is not disturbed area except middle region Valley the 2 other Ladakh and Jammu the situation is normal. The polling percentage in Ladakh and Jammu are always high. In Madhya Pradesh it is 2nd round and in India it is 5th round of polling. In the 5th phase the election in the key seats Mrs.Sonia Gandhi – Rai Barelli, Mr.Rahul Gandhi V/s Smriti Irani in Amethi, Union Home Minister Mr.Rajnath Singh in Lucknow are complete. In Lucknow the wife of Mr.Satrughan Sinha is opposing Mr.Rajnath Singh as SP-BSP alliance candidate. She is from Bihar. It is said the SP-BSP has fielded her just to show that the Alliance is so powerful that it could defeat Mr.Rajnath Singh just by fielding a unknown face. The role of Mr.Satrughan Sinha is very peculiar. He is BJP Lok Sabha member from Patna-Bihar and now left BJP and joined Congress and in the election the is Congress nominee from Patna. But in Lucknow he campaigned for his wife, who opposed BJP and Congress candidate also. He termed it family matter and not political issue. In Amethi the BJP nominee Smriti Irani alleged booth capturing by Congressmen, but Election Officers have termed it as totally false allegation. The political circles say it was just an advance acknowledgement of her impending defeat. The Congress stalwart Mr.Kapil Sibbal has said that it was quite evident that Congress alone cannot get majority of its own by winning minimum 272 seats in the House of 534 member Lok Sabha but it would emerge largest single party and could from UPA Government with the support of other parties. He estimates maximum 160 seats to the BJP. The NCP leader Mr.Sharad Pawar expected that coalition government would emerge as an alternative to the Modi Government.