6-year-old KG 2 student dies in suspicious circumstances


Child’s father blames school management, says he was locked in car leading to suffocation 

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal A six-year-old child died during treatment at a private hospital in TT Nagar on Sunday. The doctors said the child died of suffocastion. Deceased’s father has charged the school management with child’s murder. He said the child was afraid of sitting in the car, but as punishment he was locked inside the car for four hours. He was suffocated and died during treatment. TT Nagar police have registered a case and sent the case diary to Hoshangabad. Accirding to the information, Naitik Gaur, 6, son of Surendra Gaur, resident of village Bagwada, was student of Class KG-2. He was the only son of his parents, while his elder sister Payal Gaur studies in Class-3. Both studied in the same school. Naitik’ father Surendra Gaur informed that both children studied in Sai International School, village Dheria. Naitik was afraid of going to school on van. The school director had punished him for the same on many occasions in the past. Surendra’s daughter Payal had informed her father about this but hedid not take this seriously. Naitik used to cry daily as he did not like to go to school. On March 19 school director Utkarsh came on his private car to take Naitik. Daughter Payal’s examination was on the same day. After getting down from the car, she went straight to her class. But Naitik kept crying sitting in the car. The driver was trying to make him gat down from the car. After the exam was over, Payal found her younger brother Naitik lying unconscious in the school lawn. According to the information the school management got Naitik admitted in Narmada Hospital Hoshangabad. As his condition deteriorated he was referred to Bhopal. Naitik died during treatment at Rainbow Hospital. The child’s father has alleged that Naitik was locked in the car due to which he suffocated and went into coma. Police said a case has been registered and the diary sent to Hoshangabad.