8th Theatre Olympics takes off in Bhopal


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The city edition of 8th Theatre Olympics, the world’s largest theatrefestival held in India for the first time, was inaugurated today. “For the past 3 years we had the dream to bring Theatre Olympics to India. The dream that we had seen has come true. Since we began to envision and achieve this feat, Dr. Mahesh Sharma and the Ministry of Culture have extended wholehearted support to the idea and have played an instrumental role in making it a reality. Throughout centuries we have seen playwright like Shakespeare and Bertolt Brecht becoming a part of Indian theatre, while despite having our own extraordinary playwrights and theatrical figures, we are still to make similar impact. This is a huge leap towards that direction of putting Indian theatre on the world map. We should be proud of our theatre legacy that is more than 2500 years old,” says Prof. Waman Kendre, Director, National School of Drama. Bhopal will stage 28 theatrical productions between 14th and 28th March 2018 thatincludes regional, international and English language plays as well as folk productions. Allthe plays will be staged at Ravindra Bhawan and Antrang. ‘Tumhara Vincent’ directed by Satyabrata Routwas the opening production in Bhopal. The play tells the story of Vincent, who is appointed as an evangelist in a coalmine area in South of Belgium but fails to drive miners out of their sufferings.The play has been devised through the application of lines, colours and forms that reflect in each of the visual elements and sound, including the performers. The15-day-long celebration of theatrical performances in the city will witness internationalproductions such as The Lonely Room (Eloise Carles and Flavia Bertram), Orchidee/La Gioia (PippoDelbono),JayamayaAafumatraiLekhapaniAaipugi (Sunil Pokharel), Under Construction (Fyodor Makarov,LoshaGavrielov and VitalyAzarin), KinuKaharerThetar (KaziToufikul Islam Emon), Afternoon+Evening With AFaun (ArtourAstman and Idit Herman), and NovelasEjemplares (Gonzala Martin Scherman). Bhopal will also witness 6 specially invited plays such as Tumhara Vincent (Satyabrata Routa), Straight Proposal (Happy Ranajit Sahoo), HarGuruvaar (Rajinder Nath), The Caretaker (Raj Bisaria), Akash (Baharul Islam) and Chaarudattam (Ramji Bali). Four folk performances AngraizPaather (Kashmir),Terakuttu (Cheyyar), Khyal (Udaipur) and Tiatr “OinniMitth” (Goa) will also be staged in the city. Other plays to be performed in Bhopal are Aadi Katha (Satishmanvar), Prem Ki Bhootkatha (Dinesh Khanna), Sakharam Binder (Suresh Sharma), Code Red (Indudipa Sinha), Kamaladevi (Yadon Ki KuchPanne), Chitrapata Ramayana (B Jayashree), Aashad Ka Ek Din (Bapi Bose), Rustom-O-Sohraab (Rishikesh Sharma) and Barrister Parvateesham (Siva Prasad Tumu). The 8th Theatre Olympics 2018 is organised by National School of Drama under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The 51-day- long theatre extravaganza willculminate on 8th April 2018 in Mumbai.

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