9-month-old child's surgery conducted in AIIMS through anus 


  • AIIMS became first hospital after successful treatment without any dissection

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The capital's AIIMS hospital has become the first hospital in Bhopal region for the first time by successfully treating a 9-month-old child suffering from a complex disease called Hirschsprung's disease. In this, only one surgery (Primary Transanal Endorectal Pulathur) has been conducted without any incision on the abdomen of the child. This surgery is done through the natural route available for excretion in the form of anus.
This 6-month-old baby was brought in a very ill condition due to complaints of constipation and flatulence for a long time. He was initially treated for Hirschsprung's enterocolitis based on the initial symptoms. Later, the disease was confirmed and operated on after special investigation and contrast enema done in collaboration with Radiology Department and rectal biopsy in collaboration with Pathology Department. The parents of the child were aware of Single Stage Surgery, Primary Transanal Endorectal (Primary TERP) which is commonly available in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. While discussing upon this option with Dr Amit Gupta, they immediately agreed for surgery Dr Gupta assured them that he had already treated twelve such patients by this procedure at Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi.
During this surgery specialist pathologists and frozen section biopsy are required to confirm the normal part of large intestine. And with all such facilities available in AIIMS Bhopal, single surgery treatment is completely possible here. Dr. Amit Gupta while talking about the advantages of this surgery said that there is no need to incise abdomen as the entire operation is done through the anus (natural excretory route). The pain is also less in this surgery as compared to the operation done through the abdomen and the patient can be cured of the disease in just one surgery. In this treatment, no scar is visible on the abdomen and the scar of the operation is hidden inside the excretory tract, hence it can be called as magical scar less surgery. Another such surgery was performed three months later. In this way the total number of primary TERP procedures in AIIMS Bhopal has increased to 02. In the second child, its symptoms were noticed soon after birth and he was operated on at the age of 3 months.
Three surgeries are conducted for this disease
According to experts, for the complete treatment of this disease, usually two or three surgeries are done in most of the centers in the prevailing method. The credit for the success of this surgery goes to a team of pediatric surgeons led by Dr. Amit Gupta in collaboration with Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Dr. Roshan Chanchlani, Dr. Suresh K Thanni and Dr. Sujit Kumar. This operation was done by Prof. Rajesh Malik Head of the Department of Radiology, team of anesthetists Dr. Zainab and Dr. Ashutosh. This would not have been possible without the support of Prof. Neelkamal Kapoor, Head of the Department of Pathology and the team of Pathologists Dr. Jaishankar, Dr. Garima Goel.
Director congratulates the team
Executive Director, AIIMS Dr. Ajay Singh congratulated all the staff of the hospital while appreciating the hard work achieved by the team of doctors led by Dr. Amit Gupta Pediatric Surgery. After this surgery, AIIMS Bhopal has joined the prestigious list of selected centers in the country where such treatment is available.