AIIMS to warn patients with audio message


 Due to shortcomings of AIIMS, brokers are becoming active
Long queues in AIIMS start right from early morning
Patients also come from other districts of state for treatment
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Getting treatment at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) located in the capital is as easy as it is more difficult to get slip. This process takes a long time.
Especially the patients that come from other districts reached here a day before and spend whole night around AIIMS. Many sleep in the queue and enter in the morning to get the slip. Even then they cannot be treated in a day. If patients or their relatives are reaching AIIMS for the first time, then they cannot easily get the form.
Even if it is made, it will be a big deal if they see the doctor on the first day. Brokers claim to get this work done quickly. Some also get work done and in return they extort money.
To get rid of this problem, AIIMS management will now alert the patient and their family members from touts or thugs every half hour. Audio message will be used for this. In this message, necessary guidelines will be given to beware of thugs.
President of AIIMS has gives instructions to improve arrangements
AIIMS management got this need because for a long time there are brokers active in AIIMS, who are extorting money in the name of getting the slip from the patients soon, showing the doctors, getting the tests done in less time and getting admitted. The decision to caution patients from touts has been taken on the instructions of Dr. YK Gupta, President of AIIMS in the past. However, there are some drawbacks of AIIMS management behind the activation of brokers which could not be overcome from the beginning. Patients are troubled by these arrangements and brokers are trying to take advantage of it. There is a possibility of loopholes and nexus in the security system somewhere in this.
 Patients have to be worried for investigations
It takes a long time to get tested inside AIIMS. There is a long process for tests like CT scan, MRI. Even for X-rays one has to wait in line for hours. More than 20 patients are not able to have X-rays on the first day. They are forced to get tested from outside or have to wait. Such patients coming from outside districts are kept under the watch of touts, who offer to get them checked soon. There is no concession to the patients who reach AIIMS on the second day of getting the slip. They again have to follow the same procedure like that a new patient has to follow to get the prescription made. This process passes through queues. In which half a day passed. Pushing is different. Sometimes the guards do not talk respectfully. However, these guards have been advised by Dr. YK Gupta, President of AIIMS, to behave well.
Systems are constantly being improved. Patients will not face any kind of problem in the coming time. Patients and their families will be cautioned to beware of touts.
 Dr. Sarman Singh
Director AIIMS Bhopal.