Alina shares trade secrets and tips on make-up look


Make-up is the new essential step that has cast its spell on one and all. From super models to actresses to every woman on the street, Make-up techniques are like secrets to the magical world of beauty. And these secrets are now let out by Alina Rai, Bollywood's newest star. 
Sharing her tips on how to achieve the perfect glamorous face, Alina Rai says," I love doing my own makeup and on various events and even occasions, I make sure I do it myself. I don't think good Make-Up requires full coverage and it should be used to enhance the face instead of hide it. I mix foundation with moisturiser to give it great hydration to the skin.That will also keep the natural skin glow. Instead of using pressing powder I use brush powder to let the skin breathe and shine through. I also tend to stick to very natural suiting colours to the lips, and eyes and I love to contour and that is what I feel makes the biggest impact on the face.I contour using a brush which keeps things very light and natural."
Preferring to only use lighter makeup, Alina makes sure the texture of her concealer is not too thick and uses a tiny amount just to give a fresh look. Alina Rai is the face of the future of the industry and we are excited to see her in my different projects and platforms.