All tests up to Rs 50 will be FOC in AIIMS from Feb


  • State's first SPECT machine started for heart and cancer patients

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Many experiments are being done to provide facilities to the patients in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Bhopal. On one hand the state's first SPECT machine has been started for cancer patients. At the same time, preparations are being made to do all the tests free of cost from February to 50 rupees. For this, a proposal will be brought in the Standing Finance Committee of AIIMS at the end of this month or in the first week of February. After getting approval from here, it will be implemented. Only those patients will get the benefit of this, whose fee for one or all of the tests will be less than 50. If the fee is more than 50 by including several tests of less than 50 of the patient, then payment will have to be made.
Two months ago the President of AIIMS had announced: Dr. YK Gupta, President of AIIMS, who visited AIIMS Bhopal about 2 months ago, inspected the hospital. During this, after seeing the long queue for payment of fee, he had given instructions to the then director of AIIMS Dr. Sarman Singh and AIIMS superintendent Dr. Manisha Srivastava to do all the tests for less than Rs 50 free of cost, but Due to not having the meeting of permanent finance committee, till now this has not been implemented. 
it is to be mentioned every day test of 700 patients
costing between 3000 to 3500 have been done. The fee for many microbiological and pathological tests including these hemoglobin, blood group is less than Rs 10.
These patients benefited from SPECT machine
MP's first SPECT machine started in AIIMS Bhopal. It was inaugurated by Dr. Nitin M Nagarkar, Director of AIIMS in the Department of Nuclear Medicine, SPECT is a hybrid imaging technology. With this, cardiac scanning, bone scanning, kidney scan, thyroid scan are mainly done for heart patients. Therapy is given through this machine in bone pain caused by thyroid cancer and other types of cancers.
 A proposal has to be sent to the Standing Finance Committee to do free tests with fees less than Rs 50. This meeting will be held soon. SPECT machine has been started. Patients will get a lot of benefit from this machine.
-Dr. Manisha Srivastava
Superintendent, AIIMS