Allen Career Institute now in Bhopal


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-Allen Career Institute, renowned for preparing students for the Medical and Engineering Entrance Examination in India is starting its services in Bhopal. ALLEN's Bhopal Center located at ISBT was inaugurated on Sunday, where ALLEN's Director, Brajesh Maheshwari, attended the function; he cut the ribbon and announced ALLEN Bhopal Open. Addressing the press conference, Maheshwari said that Bhopal students have continually showcased their potential and performed well in JEE, NEET, Olympiad, KVPY NTSE, among other examinations. In many examinations, the students of Bhopal have also been the top scorers; this shows that students here have the high caliber and the potential to achieve great success. So the next generation of students in Bhopal needs better guidance and a robust support system for them to flourish. Due to the pandemic, these students cannot go to other cities for more reliable preparations. Seeing all these points, ALLEN decided to go forward with the decision to start its center in Bhopal. Now ALLEN will offer various exclusive courses to students, including IIT- JEE, Medical Entrance Examination-NEET, Olympiads, and Board Preparations. In Bhopal, ALLEN classes will be conducted at Plot No. 30 of ISBT Commercial Complex, Hoshangabad Road, Habibganj. 
Student's Care First will be ALLEN Career Institute's main motto as it starts its services in Bhopal. During the lockdown, the ALLEN Student Welfare Society (ASWS) took complete responsibility for students' care and safety; around 50 thousand students were safely and effectively sent back to their home towns. 
Maheshwari informed that many students in Bhopal are studying in the science stream. And with each year, the number of students who aspire for a career in science is increasing. 
Maheshwari said, "When we talk about the present situation of students at Bhopal, they either have to leave the city to receive a quality education or have to compromise with the level of learning available in the city.  But now, students will not have to compromise; they will now climb the ladder of success in their city. Now the talent in Bhopal will be shaped to achieve their fullest potential, and it will be made sure that every dream of every student is achieved.”