Ambulance rates will increase by Rs 2 per km


  •  NHM sent proposal to government

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Private ambulance has now become expensive for corona patients in Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal NHM had sent a proposal to the government regarding raising the rates in this regard, which has been approved.
According to this, the need to increase the rates of private ambulances (ALS and BLS) in the state was stated. It has been said that, at present, 23.36 paise per km is charged for ALS and BLS at the rate prescribed by Medical Health Care.
Additional arrangements of PPE kits, sanitizers etc. have to be made in the ambulance for the transportation of Covid-19 patients. Therefore, the provision of additional amount is necessary for this additional arrangement in the determination of rates. For the transportation of serious patients in BLS, additional arrangements such as ventilators and defibrillators have to be made. It was said in the proposal that similar rates per kilometer in urban and rural areas should be made.
 Different rates in cities right now
It is clear from the information about the rent rates of private ambulances in the metropolitan cities of the state that for the transportation of Covid patients, Rs 15 per km in Gwalior and 40 to 15 per km in Jabalpur and different rates are determined in different hospitals in Indore. Due to this also, the same rates should be fixed for the transportation of Covid patients in the state.