Areas getting water supply on alternate days to get it daily


  • New plan of water supply in Bhopal: Water network will also be laid

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
After laying the new Kolar line in the capital Bhopal and starting supply from it, now the Municipal Corporation has made a new plan. This plan is for those areas in the extreme end of the city, where water is being supplied except one day. There will be daily supply. It has been started in Neelbad, Goregaon, Surajnagar and Shabri Nagar. However, people have not been able to get relief from the muddy water. On the fifth day also people got only dirty water.
About 60% of the city has water supply through the Kolar pipeline. To replace it, the Municipal Corporation took a shut-down for the next 60 hours on 12 May, but it took a long time to change it. In such a situation, a severe water crisis had arisen in the capital for four days. After this, when the supply started, the water was so dirty that it was not even fit for domestic use. Still muddy water is coming in many areas. Corporation commissioner KVS Chaudhary Kolsani said, clean water will start getting in a day or two.

What's in the new plan?
There is no water network in many colonies of Misrod-Bairagarh including Gehukheda, Police Housing Society of Kolar Road. For this reason people are dependent on tube wells or private tankers only. The new plan includes connecting these areas with pipelines.
In the areas where water is supplied from the Narmada line, they will also be connected with the Kolar line. So that, in case of decrease in the pressure of Narmada, the tanks can be filled from the Kolar line.
KVS Chaudhary Kolsani, Corporation Commissioner said the supply is improving after the new Kolar line became functional. The problem of pressure has also been solved. The new plan includes daily supply of water to the last mile areas and connecting the colonies with pipelines.