Ayush drugs effective in treatment of Covid-19


  • Research done in AIIMS on more than 22 thousand Covid patients

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
When there was an outbreak of corona across the world, no medicine was available for it. People were dying, at that time AYUSH medicines were used in India and people also got benefit from it. A research has been conducted in the Department of AYUSH, AIIMS Bhopal about how effective AYUSH medicines were in Covid, in which it has been told that AYUSH medicines have proved effective in the treatment of Covid-19.
These joined in research team
Dr. Danish Javed, Senior Medical Officer (AYUSH), Dr. Ashish Kumar Dixit, Medical Officer (Homeopathy), Dr. Sukhesh Mukherjee (Assistant Professor, Biochemistry), Dr. Sana Anwar (PhD student, Community Medicine) and Dr. Nibha Giri, Medical Officer (Homeopathy) was part of this research. According to information received from AIIMS management, this study has been published in a famous medical journal.
 Effective in preventing disease along with treatment
According to a meta-analysis research study conducted at AIIMS, Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathic medicines were found to be effective as adjuncts to standard care in the management of COVID-19. Moreover, in this study it was found that AYUSH drugs were not only able to cure but also prevent the disease. In this study, the effects of many important researches done on a total of 22,864 Covid-19 positive patients were included.