Azhar Hashmi gets big award for book containing articles of Navbharat


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
All India (National) and Regional Awards for the year 2021 have been announced by Sahitya Akademi Madhya Pradesh, Culture Council, Government of Madhya Pradesh on the best creations. All India level 13 and regional level 18 awards will be given. Among them, the book Smsmaran Ka Sandook Samiksha Sikka written by Ratlam's retired professor, renowned litterateur, thinker and poet Professor Azhar Hashmi has been selected for the All India Nirmal Verma Award for the memoir genre. This book is a compilation of Azhar Hashmi's memoirs published in the literary page Srijan of Navbharat. For the award by the Sahitya Akademi, the selected creators of All India level will be rewarded with one lakh rupees and for the regional level, the creators will be rewarded with Rs. 51 thousand, shawl, quince, memento and citation.
The said book written by Prof. Hashmi titled 'Samsaran Ka Sandook Samiksha Ke Sikke' was published by Reference Publications Bhopal. The book contains memoirs and reviews related to many famous litterateurs, writers, lyricists, yoga experts etc. of the country. In this 296-page book, Professor Hashmi has given a better description of his meetings and memories with many litterateurs, writers etc. in literary language.
This is the second book by Prof. Hashmi on memoir and review mode. On being selected for the National Award, Professor Hashmi said that this award is not his award but Ratlam's award. He dedicates this award to Ratlam. Professor Hashmi is a well-known personality in the field of literature, music, spirituality, contemplation and equality of all religions.