BJP formed govt in MP by buying corrupt MLAs: Rahul


  •  Burhanpur is the center of love, this message will be taken to Srinagar

Mukesh Kumar Poorve / Rajendra Parashar, Burhanpur
Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra entered Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday. A large number of Congress workers and common people gave a grand welcome in Bodarli village of Burhanpur. In the meeting held here in the evening, he launched a scathing attack on the BJP.
In the meeting held in the evening in Transport Nagar of Burhanpur, Rahul said that we had won the elections in Madhya Pradesh. We had a government. BJP bought 20-25 corrupt MLAs by paying crores of rupees and formed the government. He said that Burhanpur is not a center of hatred but of love. We are not telling you this. You are telling us this. You have told this thing to India for thousands of years. This is your message of love, we will take it to Srinagar. 
Addressing the Nukkad Sabha in the morning, Rahul Gandhi said that the purpose of the yatra is to talk to the people about inflation, unemployment, fear and hatred being spread by the BJP. The BJP has destroyed the means of communication. They turn off the mike in the House and have taken other forums under influence. All the institutions have been captured by the RSS and the BJP. We thought there was only one way, so we hit the road.

Rahul liked Nimar's hospitality
Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra will enter the limits of Khandwa district on Thursday morning. Not only the state, big leaders have also reached from many parts of the country. SPG did not allow walking in the forest and hilly part of Nepanagar. After reaching Madhya Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi was welcomed with poppy-almond halwa. In the meetings, Rahul Gandhi is saying things using precise words and common people and small leaders.

People of Nimar are of heavy diet
Rahul Gandhi ate only small amount of halua. Rejected the request of big leaders of MP by saying that he has sore throat and has to give further speech. In lunch, Kamal Nath explained about Dal-Bafle. Digvijaya Singh said that it is Nimar area. The people here are hard-working. Rahul Gandhi quipped that that's why the diet and lunch of the people here are heavy. At night he asked for light dinner.

Today’s programme
Rahul Gandhi will be given a memento of a bullock cart, a garland of roses and a turban of red and bright colors. Simple dal, rice, vegetables, roti and khichdi-curd will also be kept in Thursday's lunch. Special variety for green salad has been brought from Indore. In the middle of the journey, Rahul Gandhi said that the people of Nimar are simple and gentle. Specialize in the tradition of welcoming and offering meals. Kept talking to Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh throughout the journey. Many big leaders including Arun Yadav also told about the crops planted on the way. Rahul Gandhi said OK, OK on this.

Priyanka reached Rustampur 
Thursday will be a special day in Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra. On this day, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will also participate in the event of Khandwa. After coming to Indore, Priyanka Gandhi left for Khandwa by car in the evening itself. Meanwhile, youth leaders of Congress, Mullu Rathore and Tonu Rathore stopped in Chhaigaonmakhan. They welcomed Priyanka Gandhi on the platform being built for Rahul. Priyanka Gandhi thanked the workers. She said that the road going from Indore to Burhanpur is very bad. Earlier, she was supposed to reach Khandwa by helicopter on Thursday afternoon, but reached the camp of Rahul's yatra located in Burhanpur district, outside Khandwa district, in front of Rustampur.