Both dung and parali are very useful


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that both cow dung and parali are very useful and plans are being made for production of bio CNG and organic solids and liquid fertilizers in Madhya Pradesh by using them. In the first phase, Salaria cow-sanctuary and Kamadhenu Raisen have been selected. Here, the project will be made through Bharat Biogas Energy Ltd. and work will be done. Work is being done on both successfully in our neighboring state of Gujarat. Madhya Pradesh will also work rapidly in the field of production of CNG and bio-fertilizers from cow dung and parali.
Chief Minister Chouhan was holding a meeting with the officials of Bharat Biogas Energy Limited, Anand Gujarat today at his residence. Animal Husbandry Minister Prem Singh Patel, Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia, Bharat Biogas Chairman Dr. Bharat G. Patel, Subodh Shah, Phanindra Bhushan, Additional Chief Secretary K.K. Singh, Principal Secretary Ajit Kesari, Principal Secretary Manish Rastogi etc. were present.
Will run the project and provide training also
Bharat Biogas Chairman Bharat Patel said that Bharat Biogas will prepare a complete plan for Bio CNG and Bio Solids and Liquid Fertilizers at these two locations which will run for 3 to 5 years. Chief Minister Chouhan gave a preliminary approval on this and directed the officials to take further action.
About 3000 kg CNG will be produced per day
In the project presentation, Patel told that about 3000 kg bio-CNG will be produced daily in the Salaria cow sanctuary from 70 MT of raw material, which includes cow dung, parali , grass and rural waste. Along with this, about 25 MT of solid organic fertilizer and about 7000 litres of liquid organic fertilizer will be produced every day. Besides, various species, bamboo plants, dragon fruit will be planted.
Model plant will be built in Raisen
Patel informed that a model plant is being planned in Raisen to produce biogas and fertilizers using a mixture of parali and cow dung. The plan is to produce 400 kg bio CNG, about 3 metric tons of solid organic fertilizer and about 1000 liters per day of liquid organic fertilizer with a mixture of about 10 MT of cow dung and parali in the form of raw material in this plant.
Marketing will be done abroad also
Patel informed that Bio-CNG and Solid and Liquid Fertilizer produced at these places by Bharat Biogas will also be branded and marketed in India and abroad. They have a good market. Local people will also be imparted training in this area, which will provide employment to the local people.
Services of Gujarat-s-Akshaya Patra- will also be availed
Chief Minister Chouhan said that services of Akshaya Patra Sanstha of Gujarat will also be availed for better operation of some gaushalas in the state. Akshaya Patra is doing commendable work in this field in Gujarat. Greater participation of the community will be ensured in the operation of the cowsheds.
Number of gauvansh will be increased in Salaria
Chief Minister Chouhan said that at present, there are 4000 bovines in Salaria cow-sanctuary, while the capacity of the sanctuary is 10000 bovine. In future, the number of bovine will be increased here.