Businessman had got himself shot to frame man he had borrowed money from


Bhopal: A businessman had got himself shot with the help of a hired goon so that he may not have to repay the loan of 25 lakhs. For this he had got himself shot in the hand. Under the planning, he implicated the person from whom he had borrowed money. But police investigation exposed the truth and his lie was exposed in 48 hours. The accused had hired a crook for this, but the crook broke down in front of the police.
31-year-old Pravesh Jain, a resident of Ayodhya Bypass, has a car repair shop in Mehta Market. He had told the police that around 9 pm on Saturday night, he was going home after closing the shop. During this, someone shot at him in his right hand. Pravesh had accused his acquaintance Basant Singh.
As soon as the complaint was received, the police had taken Basant Singh into custody. When the police investigated on suspicion, the story turned out to be the opposite. After this the police arrested the miscreant Mohammad Guraj of Aishbagh. It was Guraj who shot him at the behest of Pravesh. He broke down in front of the strictness of the police and told the whole truth.
Pravesh had told the police that someone had shot from a distance, but investigation and forensic investigation revealed that the bullet was fired from close range. After this the suspicion of the police increased on Pravesh.
Pravesh had raised suspicion of shooting his acquaintance Basant. When the police interrogated Basant, it came to light that Pravesh had taken about Rs 25 lakh from him. Not only this, the location of Basant also did not come near the incident site.
There was no confirmation of any kind of shooting. Not only this, the people around had told that Pravesh was seen roaming with the miscreant Guraj.
Police found Guraj's number in the call details of Pravesh. When the police questioned him, he told that he had shot him only at the behest of Pravesh. For this he got about 30 thousand rupees.
During the interrogation, Pravesh was also constantly changing statements. In such a situation, the police started doubting his words. On the basis of his theory, the police put all the links in front of Pravesh, then he also accepted his crime.

Gang stealing women’s jewels busted
A gang of thieves stealing women's jewelry has been caught in Bhopal. As soon as the accused entered the house, they used to target women's jewelery first. Along with other items from the house, even the ceiling fan used to be taken out. Goods worth Rs 6 lakh have also been seized from the five arrested accused.
On the basis of information to some suspects, the Kolar police caught 5 people roaming in the area. 4 gold mangalsutras, 11 silver anklets, gold ear-tops, 6 silver coins, LED TV, ceiling fan, gas cylinder, a water motor and items worth about Rs 6 lakh were recovered from them. The accused used to steal the ceiling fan from the house.