CM undertakes aerial survey of flood hit villages 


  • Officials told to assess damage as soon as water recedes

Bhopal: CM Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday took stock of more than four dozen villages affected by floods in Gwalior and Chambal divisions on an aerial tour. After this, convened a meeting of senior officers at Gwalior airport and inquired about the relief and rescue operations being carried out for the flood affected people. CM Shri Chouhan directed that as soon as the water recedes, the damage should be assessed so that the affected people can be given relief. He also directed to assess the damage caused to the infrastructure due to excessive rains and floods. Also said that if any help is needed for relief and rescue operations, then tell us, it will be fulfilled by the government.
Chief Minister Shri Chouhan reached Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Airport on Wednesday to take stock of the flood-affected villages of Gwalior and Chambal divisions. From here, CM Shri Chouhan took stock of about four dozen flood affected villages of Gwalior, Datia, Shivpuri, Morena and Sheopur districts by helicopter.

Emphasis on strengthening supply chain as soon as possible: After taking an aerial tour of the flood affected villages, CM Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan took a meeting of Gwalior-Chambal Divisional Commissioner and other senior officers at Gwalior Airport. CM Shri Chouhan directed to strengthen the supply chain affected by the heavy rains and floods at the earliest. He said that our supply chain should be so strong that there is no problem in the supply of food grains, clean drinking water and electricity to the people. At the same time, the road traffic should also be smooth. CM Shri Chouhan said that in all the flood affected villages, health check-up of the people should be done as a campaign and adequate arrangements should be made for medicines.

Danger is not over yet, so take special precautions: Chouhan said that although the water level of Sindh, Parvati and Kuno rivers has decreased. However, the threat of water logging and flooding is not over yet. The Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rain during the next 48 hours. Therefore special caution is required. Don't let people into the low-lying areas again. Also, shift the people of the houses around which water has been filled from the last days to a safe place. Shri Chouhan said that the people who have been temporarily rehabilitated in the relief camps should have better arrangements for food, water and accommodation etc.

Damaged infrastructure should also be repaired: Chouhan said that the State Government is standing firmly with the flood affected people in this hour of crisis caused by heavy rains. The government will leave no stone unturned to provide relief to the affected people under the Revenue Book Circular (RBC 6-4) as soon as the damage is assessed. At the same time, the government will not allow any shortage of funds in the repair of bridges and other infrastructure damaged due to floods and heavy rains in rivers.

Water is increasing in Chambal, maintain special vigilance in Bhind and Morena districts: Chouhan said that water is continuously increasing in Chambal river. Water released from Kota barrage will also increase the water level. This is a matter of concern for Bhind and Morena districts. Therefore, alert the people of the villages affected by possible floods. Also, continue the work of evacuating the villages settled in the low-lying areas of these districts.