Cold may return in state after snowfall in Himalayas


Bhopal, In most areas of Madhya Pradesh, including Bhopal, after three days, a phase of severe cold will begin again. Meteorologist HS Pandey said that snowfall due to western disturbances in North India is expected to fall from November 20. Due to this, night temperatures in the cities and towns of Malwa, Nimar, Mahakaushal, Vindhya, Bundelkhand, Gwalior-Chambal areas including Bhopal may fall by up to 3 degrees.

Western Disturbance will not have much effect, so from November 23, the temperature is expected to drop by four to five degrees. Then the cold will increase further. Right now, most parts of the state including the capital are experiencing warm weather during daytime and there is hardly any coolness at night. The night temperature remains 3 to 5 degrees above normal.

The eastern wind has again raised day and night temperatures. The situation is that in the last 24 hours, the maximum temperature on Wednesday has increased by 3 degrees and the minimum temperature has increased by 4 degrees. According to the meteorological department, the eastern wind will blow for two days. After this, the wind direction will be from the northeast.

In such a situation, the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of light rain for three days from November 19 to 21. However, the Meteorological Department has advised farmers that who have not yet sown, should not sow it for three more days.

The heat was felt on Wednesday. The wind blowing from the east raised the night temperature by 4 degrees and the day temperature by 3 degrees Celsius. In such a situation, the maximum temperature was recorded at 31.5 and the minimum temperature was 18.2 degrees Celsius, which is 4 degrees above normal. Suddenly, the increased temperature caused people to feel the heat.

Meanwhile, owing to rise in temperature, pinch of light cold has become feeble across Madhya Pradesh. The weather conditions as of now remains humid and light cold is missing from scene at least during day time. Once the cold winds start coming from the Himalayan regions then mercury level is expected to drop in State. As of now, day and night temperatures in most places remain above normal in State.

Bhopal recorded minimum temperature at 18.6 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees above normal. Its maximum temperature was 31.5 degrees Celsius, 3 degrees above normal. Indore recorded minimum temperature at 19.1 degrees Celsius, 5 degrees above normal level.  Its maximum temperature was 31.6 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees above normal. Increased mercury level is causing discomfort to people and they are hoping for dip in temperatures in coming time.

Weather Department said that weather remains dry across the State. It’s only in Rewa where minimum temperatures took the plunge. Otherwise there was no change in minimum temperatures in rest places of state.They were substantially above normal level in Ujjain and Bhopal divisions and above normal level in Rewa and Jabalpur divisions respectively.The lowest minimum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius was recorded in Seoni. The forecast of Weather Department says that there will be no change in minimum temperature.