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Collectors told to take strict action to ensure quarantine


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, the State Government has asked the collectors to take strict steps. Now, if a suspected or positive patient of coronavirus and the people who came in contact with the suspected positive person refuse to move in quarantine or isolation, strict action will be taken against them. The government has issued these instructions after some people tore the posters put up by BMC at some places in Bhopal.

Theses posters were put up by BMC staff to advise the public that a person was in home isolation at the address. On the other hand, Indore collector has instructed to take strict measures after the maximum number of cases of people infected with coronavirus in the state. Corona positive cases have been reported from many districts of the state including the capital Bhopal. When the health department team goes to put up posters and convince high-risk people to remain in quarantine due to the possibility of infection, concerned people are not allowing staff to put up posters.

The case of a journalist and an air hostess in Bhopal came into limelight. Following the government’s new instructions, a case will be registered against such people. The government has given these rights to the collector. It has been provided in the Madhya Pradesh Epidemic Diseases Act 2020. A gazette notification has been issued on Saturday regarding this. This act will be applicable for one year.

CM appeals again

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has once again appealed to people from abroad to come and give their information and quarantine themselves. But despite the appeal of the Chief Minister and the possibility of possible illness, people are not giving information. At many places in the state, the correct addresses are not given in the passport. When the Health Department team arrives at the given address, it is known that the person concerned no longer lives there. Even as lockdown continues to defeat threat of coronavirus, there are people who try to violate the lockdown norm and try to hit the roads on vehicles.

However, they are stopped and advised by police not to let down the fight against the dreaded disease. What is a matter of worry is this that people know well that they needs to remain inside to prevent spread of disease but few people are taking the challenge posed by disease very lightly. When such people take out bikes to go from one place to another, they are stopped by police personnel.

It is the scene of almost every day that during day time, few people are seen moving on bikes and car and such people are increasing the possibility of spread of disease as they themselves are exposing to the risk and also causing danger to others as well. At some places police also handles such violators with iron fist and at many places, cops are seen advising violators and even asking them to do sit ups as punishment.

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