Corona infection started spreading again


                 - Corona patients growing again in MP including the capital
               People getting negligent after vaccination
                - Test negative, pneumonia diagnosed in CT scan

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-Negligence has started after the number of corona patients come down and corona vaccine arrives across the state including the capital Bhopal. People are neither following physical distance nor applying masks.
As a result, corona patients are slowly increasing. In one day, the number of patients in the state was steadily decreasing to 141 on 9th February. After this, patients have started increasing. On Sunday, 299 patients were found across the state, while 55 people have been infected in the capital. Four patients have also died of corona in different districts. Experts said that this negligence will outweigh. Corona has not yet gone. It is necessary to use masks and keep a physical distance of two yards from others.
Dr. Parag Sharma, respiratory specialist at Hamidia Hospital, said that it is not easy to find out how much damage is being done by the corona in the body. Many patients are also getting such that their test report is negative, while pneumonia is detected in CT scan. In such a situation, even after showing mild symptoms, be sure to check the corona. Till a month ago, 25 thousand to 30 thousand samples were being tested across the state. In this, some people were reaching to conduct the investigation themselves, while some were being done on random road by the administration. Now every day less than 15 thousand tests are being done every day. However, the health department aims to conduct 20 thousand tests every day. On Sunday, 299 patients have been found in 14,834 samples examined.
-Do not be negligent in cough and cold
Dr. Lokendra Dave HOD Respiratory Diseases Department, Hamidia Hospital says that those who have got vaccinated and who have not got the vaccine. Both have to wear masks. Maybe an infected person will sit next to you and you don't know. In this case only the mask will protect you. The second thing is that if there is a minor problem, please see the doctor. Do not ignore it. These days, due to the change in the weather, patients of cough and cold have increased, but it is important to be careful. Do not be afraid from an investigation. The number of corona patients in Hamidia Hospital had come down to six, now there are 23 patients.
-Bhopal ranked 36th in frontline worker immunization, CM's home district Sehore ranked first
Corona vaccination has started from January 16 across the state including the capital Bhopal, while the second dose of the corona vaccine has started to be given to the health workers from Saturday, the frontline workers were vaccinated till Friday, especially after this in the state capital Bhopal has been remained far behind in vaccination where the capital is at the 36th position, Sehore is at the first place. This situation in Capital Bhopal has been behind not only in vaccination of frontline workers but also in vaccination of health workers.
-Frontline vaccination status
Frontline Vaccination Sehore ranked first, with 91 percent of frontline employees vaccinated here. In second place, Alirajpur 87.5 percent in Dindori, 87 percent in Bhind, 86 percent, in Shajapur, 85 percent of the employees have vaccinated. Talking about the capital, Bhopal has been ranked 36 in the state. Out of 34192 employees registered on the web portal here, 69.3 percent ie 23692 got vaccinated.
So Sehore remained at forefront
The main reason for Sehore being on the first position in frontline vaccination is believed to be the correct strategy of the officials. Sehore district collector Ajay Gupta and CMHO Dr. Sudhir Dehriya have held a continuous meeting with key officials of Police, Health, City Administration and Rural Development Department and keep updating the information about the non-vaccinated employees. This is the reason that Sehore has got the first place in the vaccination of Frontline.
Health workers awake on the last day
On the last day in the capital Bhopal, health workers and frontline workers were sensed to get vaccinated. On Saturday, 886 health workers and 188 frontline workers took the first dose of the vaccine, while 331 health workers administered the second dose of vaccine.