Crores spent in course whose utility ended



  • Students are not taking admission in Modern Office Management Course

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Fifty percent admissions have not even done in the MOM (Modern Office Management) course running in Technical Education Department Polytechnic. Even after this, crores of rupees are being spent annually on department lecturers and other staff. On the other hand, the IT branch has made a place by eliminating the usefulness of the MOM course.
MoM is going on in 14 polytechnics of the state. This includes Bhopal's Women’s Polytechnic and Sardar Vallabh Polytechnic. There is a good number of MoM staff in all the polytechnics, who are being paid an annual salary of crores of rupees. MoM has 905 seats in 14 polytechnics in the current session 2022,23, in which 350 admissions are barely made. After having sixty seats, seven admissions have taken place in two polytechnics, whereas the government is allocating the salary of forty lecturers from one to 1.25 lakh rupees annually. This cost is much more than the admission of the students.
 Demand for IT and CS degree, diploma
On one hand as extra cost has increased in running MOM course in Polytechnic today. On the other hand, students are not showing much interest in studying twenty years old courses, because today IT and CS have increased their utility. Due to this, there is a demand for IT and CS degrees and diplomas in jobs and not the MoM. Due to this its usefulness has started decreasing. Students say that MoM is a three-year diploma course. However the graduation degree can be completed in that time. Therefore, they can get admission in B.Sc and IT of Higher Education Department together to do a degree. In the last six years, more than a dozen polytechnics have not had much admission in MoMs.