Delhi to have its own Board of School Education


New Delhi, Mar 6 (UNI) Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday announced the setting up of the Delhi Board of School Education, as approved in a meeting held by the Delhi Cabinet.

Mr Kejriwal said the Delhi Board of School Education will conduct assessments throughout the year to develop holistic learning outcomes instead of once in a year assessment that focuses on rote learning.

Addressing a press conference, he said the Delhi Board of School Education will empower students to stand on their own feet and prepare students to take responsibility for their country beyond all religion, caste, and class differences.

Around 20-25 schools will become a part of the Delhi Education Board in the 2021-22 academic session, after which the other schools will be looped in eventually in the next 4-5 years.

Delhi Education Board will not only conduct continuous assessments but will become a torchbearer for change in education, he added.

Mr Kejriwal said, 'Our students will progress towards global education. Delhi Education Board will function in close alignment with national and international boards. The Board will develop world-class education practices that will enable the shift in teaching-learning practices across Delhi. Through the Delhi Education Board, an age-old practice of rote learning will be replaced with application-based learning and assessment. The Board will ensure that each student's talent is harnessed, and they apply what they learn."

He said: 'In the present education system, we assess a student at the end of a year for 3 hours but in the New Education Board, we will assess students throughout the year to develop holistic learning outcomes. Today, the entire system of education focuses on rote learning - this has to change and an emphasis has to be placed on 'understanding' and 'personality development'. The students would not be assessed once, at the end of the year. On the contrary, the assessment process would go on throughout the year."

Mr Kejriwal said, "This international level board is being created for which aid would be sought from various international organisations as well. International practices and teaching methods have been analyzed, based on which we would adopt similar practices and methodology in the Delhi schools under DBSE. High-end techniques would be used to impart education, and for the assessment process as well. The interest, need and specialisation of each student would be taken into account by the education system to provide insights on what courses they should opt for concerning their career. This is in sharp contrast to the model of rote learning."

He said that Delhi education Board would be very different from the education boards of other states. 'It has not been the Delhi government's intention to seek applauds by establishing this board. Education has been the priority for this government with 25 per cent of the budget being spent on education. Through this, the government schools in Delhi have become world-class,' he added.