Don,t buy more material than you need - Energy Minister Tomar


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-The power distribution company does not procure more transformers, meters and other electrical related materials than required. A full assessment should be made before purchasing the material. 
A clear policy on procurement of materials should be framed. This direction was given by the Minister of Energy, Pradumn Singh Tomar during the review of the work of east Region Electric Distribution Company in the Mantralaya.
The Minister of Energy, Tomar said that no less than 10 hours of power should be supplied to the farmers anywhere. Check and take action where it is less than that. He said that make the plan to use the vacant land of Energy Department.
Keep changing meter readers
The Minister of Power, Tomar said that meter readers should be changed within the stipulated time interval. Take immediate action on the negligence of officers and employees. 
Train outsourced employees and also give them certificates. Kiran Gopal, MD said that the training programme has been prepared. Training will be provided through ITI.
Take action against big defaulters
The Minister Tomar said that the revenue collection should be expedited. He said, first of all, take action against the big defaulters. He said, create a systematic action plan to reduce line loss. Tripping Should be minimised.
Maximum two meetings in month
The energy minister said that there should not be more than two meetings in a month so that the officers can get adequate time for inspection. All officers should visit in their area regularly.
Tomar said that the action plan for installation of smart meters was made in such a way that there was uniformity in all the three companies. 
He said that the officers and staff who are doing good work should be encouraged. They will be honoured after 31st March. Keep the offices neat and tidy. The Energy Minister appreciated the innovations made in sagar division.
The meeting was attended by Principal Secretary Energy Sanjay Dubey, CMD Aakash Tripathi and other officials.