Earth will face Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

In the next 7 days, Earth is going to face two large planets of the solar family Jupiter, Saturn and the abandoned asteroid Pluto. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, will be right in front of the Earth, then on 16 July the asteroid Pluto and on 20 July the ringed Saturn will be right in front of the earth. 

Science broadcaster Sarika Gharu said that the astronomical phenomenon of coming in a straight line between these planets and the Sun is called Apojishan. In the year’s 365 days, when the Earth revolves around the Sun, all the outer planets come in one line at some time, but within seven days, the coming of two big planets and one asteroid is a rare occurrence. 

Sarika said that in the event of Jupiter at Apojishan today, on 14 July, Jupiter, Earth and Sun will be in a straight line in the position at 1.16 pm in which the earth will be in the middle. In this event, when the Sun is setting in the west in the evening, Jupiter will be seen rising in the east at 7.43 pm at the same time. At 12:28am in the midnight, it will be closest to you in a year. 

At 5 o’clock in the morning, at 9 o’- clock in the morning, this look will stop, and will set. At this time the distance of the jupiter will be 4.14 times the distance of the sun from the earth and it will be glowing with minus 2.7 magnitudes. With the help of a binocular, it can be seen with its four moons. Pluto, the Earth and the Sun that were abandoned from the Solar System on July 16, will be in a straight line at 7.47 am in the morning. At the same time, within the week of midnight, 20-21 July, at 3:44 pm, the most discussed planet Saturn and Earth will ring in a straight line. 


Coincidence after nearly 20 years

Sarika informed that in a short period of time, the occurrence of these two big planets came in the first time in 2000 when the Earth came in the direction of Saturn on November 19 and Jupiter on November 28, but even then there was a difference of 9 days.