Effective treatment of many diseases in Unani medicine


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Unani medicines made from herbs

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Unani system of medicine is similar to Ayurveda, with this various types of diseases can be successfully treated. Dr Abdul Hameed BUMS has said this during a discussion with Navbharat correspondent Sushil Kumar Mishra. 
Conversation excerpts:
Question: Is it possible to cure diseases like common cold in Unani system of medicine?
Answer: In Unani too, diseases of pneumonia and corona can be treated. Sarbate Unnao, Khamira Marwarij and decoction are used for treatment.
Question: How beneficial are these medicines in cold and cough?
Answer: It provides instant relief from cold and cough. These diseases can be effectively treated with Unani medicine.
Question: Are there any medicines available in Unani medicine to increase immunity?
Answer: Unani system of medicine Sarbate Folad, Khimra Marwari is immunity booster, by using these, the ability to fight against disease develops.
Question: What is the treatment for post Covid problems in Unani?
Answer: Sarbate Folad, Khamira Marwari sharid is beneficial in relieving pain, weakness and fatigue.
 Question: Can Unani medicine cure all kinds of new and prolonged diseases?
Answer: Treatment of chronic diseases like white spots, jaundice, swelling of liver, enlargement of spleen, inflammation of intestines etc. is possible in Unani medicine.
Question: What is the difference between Ayurveda and Unani
Answer: Ayurveda and Unani system of medicine are both similar. The difference lies in the name only. The source of both is the same and the medicines of both are prepared from herbs only.