Elderly people have to wait two to three hours for vaccination


                                     = Portal fails- long queues in getting tokens
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-Patients of more than 60 years of age and patients of 45 to 59 of serious diseases are being vaccinated all over the state including the capital Bhopal. Much enthusiasm is being seen in the elderly regarding vaccination. Due to lack of proper arrangement at the vaccination centers of hospitals, elderly people and the patients of serious diseases have to stand in long queues. On Friday, only 18 centers of the capital did the vaccination. Due to the slow portal, a token system has been arranged, but even after this, people have to wait for two to three hours.

More people came so they could not find a place to sit
In the capitals’ JP Hospital on Friday, the crowd for getting vaccination was increased. Due to poor seating arrangements in the hospital, the elderly and patients of critical illness had to stand and wait for their number. Same situation was there in Hamidia, some people came out of the vaccination hall to wait for their number. At the same time, the logic of hospital management is that due to more people coming than expected, the system is falling short. The portal is not running, so queues are being made to collect tokens. It is significant that in the first and second phase of vaccination, health workers and frontline workers did not show much interest for vaccination, but in the third phase, more people are reaching then target.

Vaccination done only in these hospitals on Friday
Corona vaccine was also applied on Friday in some big hospitals across the state including Bhopal. It was decided earlier that Friday is the day of regular vaccination, so the corona vaccine will not be given, but in view of the crowd of people, it was decided late in the night that vaccination will be done on Friday as well. Vaccination went on at 18 centers in Bhopal on Friday. This includes AIIMS, Hamidia Hospital, JP Hospital, BMHRC, all private medical colleges and some private hospitals.

Server remained down, will sent certificate home
Arrangement has been made by the Union Ministry of Health to give certificates after vaccination. However, after vaccination due to server down and lack of network at the centers, the print of vaccination certificate is not available. Seeing the problems of the people, they were told at these centers that the vaccination certificate will be sent to your house soon. In such a situation, people were constantly asking for certificates at vaccination centers.

 Number came in three hours
Bhagwan Prasad (70), a resident of Rohit Nagar, told that he has come home for vaccination at 9 am, he had to wait for three hours, from taking token till vaccination. Bhagwan Prasad says that there was no arrangement for seating outside, although after getting inside, a seating area was found.

 Was out of the house in the morning
Kusum Patel (74), a resident of Kotra Sultanabad, told that she had left the house in the morning to get the vaccine, it took so much time here that it is now noon. We had been informed that the vaccine gets injected very quickly in JP Hospital, but after coming here, we came to know we have to be in queue.

Crowds coming more so taking time
There is complete arrangement for vaccination in JP Hospital, more people are reaching than expected and so there is a little problem. However, we have made arrangements to sit outside as well.
Dr. Rakesh Srivastava, Superintendent, JP Hospital