Ensure adherence to Motor Vehicle Act strictly: Justice Sapre


  •  6 day online workshop started for road safety; follow Hayden’s' Principles in investigation: ADG Sagar

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-The Chairman, Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety, Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre while addressing the inaugural session of the 6-day online workshop organized on the subject 'A Roadmap to Road Safety: Rights and Duties' Make sure to follow the rules of Motor-Wheel Act-1935 for reduction. He directed all the officials involved in the workshop to question the faculty joining the workshop and get their solutions. Also, use the information obtained from the workshop to prevent road accidents and damage in Madhya Pradesh.

Justice Sapre said that to reduce road accidents in Madhya Pradesh, ensure strict action should be taken as per the legal provisions made in the Motor Vehicle Act. Modern technology should also be used for this. He said that by taking concrete action on over speeding, drunk driving, driving without a helmet and seat belt, a significant reduction in road accidents and damage can be done. It is necessary to regularly disseminate the legal provisions made for the help in the prevention and relief work from road accidents, for the public awareness. Sapre said that do not take any kind of responsibility in road safety cases. In any case, we have to save people's lives. To fulfill your purpose, work passionately and passionately. 

Thoroughly probe causes of accidents: Sagar

Additional Director General of Police, Police Training and Research Institute D.C. Sagar, addressing the second session of the online workshop, urged to follow Hayden’s principles to prevent road accidents. He elaborated on Haydn's principles in detail. Sagar asked to do pre-crash, crash and post-crash investigation seriously. He said that to prevent accidents, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate their causes, so that accidents due to the same reasons can be prevented in future. After the accident, the district-level committees should take a chance to inspect carefully. Measures to prevent the cause of the accident should be ensured. ADG Sagar said that the victims should be provided complete treatment as soon as possible.