Esha Deol reveals Dharmendra is ‘possessive’ & ‘orthodox’ & wanted her to stay away from Bollywood


Esha Deol recently donned the producer’s hat for her maiden production film ‘Ek Duaa’ that has already made its way to an OTT platform. This film, which is an emotional story of a mother and daughter, is a part of the Voot Film Fest and has been produced under Bharat Esha Films. While interacting with The Indian Express regarding this film, Esha opened up on a lot of things and revealed about her father Dharmendra being possessive and orthodox.
Since Ek Duaa focuses on the idea of gender discrimination, Esha Deol, in her interview, was asked if she or her sister Ahana Deol faced any kind of discrimination while growing up? She shared, “Not really and not to the extent that it personally affected me. Since childhood, I have been strong-headed and knew exactly what I want to do and what not. So all the right choices and even the mistakes that I made were my decisions. Also, I have always had a very strong personality, and nothing could affect me.”
Esha further revealed that “I wouldn’t say that they have it tough. Yes, there is a different level of challenge, and boys too have their own set. As far as my father is concerned, he is possessive and orthodox, and for him, girls should be kept away from the world in a protected way. That was what he must have felt, also knowing how our industry functions. All said and done; we managed and how!” Esha concluded with a broad smile.
Talking about Ek Duaa, Esha Deol revealed that she was approached for the film as an actor, but the script of the film changed her mind, and she wanted to be attached to it in more ways than just being an actor.