Espionage episode: Government on backfoot


Pravesh Kumar Mishra, New Delhi
The politics of the country has heated up after the news about the alleged spying of many Indians through Pegasus. While on one hand the leaders of opposition parties are attacking regarding this episode, on the other hand BJP leaders are trying to call the allegation baseless while defending the government. However, the kind of atmosphere from Parliament to the street regarding this issue, it is clear that the leaders of the opposition parties are not satisfied with the government's argument and they are preparing to carry forward this struggle. The government seems to be on the backfoot.
Political experts believe that the kind of facts that have come to the fore have created confusion in the country. If government ministers, leaders of opposition parties, journalists, election strategists and other important people of the country have been spied on, then this is definitely a big question. Not only this, if there was no espionage on the orders of the government and it has happened through an external hacker, then it is even more dangerous. So the government has to clarify the situation. 
Experts believe that on this issue, the way BJP strategists have made a strategy to surround the opposition parties by putting all their satraps on the front, it says a lot. The government's reply on this subject outside the House is also not able to explain the situation. However, for the purpose of diverting the attention of the public from this subject, emotional talk is also being resorted to by the BJP leaders.
While the leaders of opposition parties have called it a gross violation of the right to privacy and dangerous for democracy. The joint opposition is demanding the formation of JPC on this issue. Therefore it can be said that the opposition is aggressive and the government is on the back foot on this issue.