Exercise caution against COVID-19 but do not ignore economy: MP CM


Bhopal,  (UNI) Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan averred on Tuesday that while complete precautions are imperative against the ‘millennium scourge’, special care should be exercised to ensure that economic activities are unaffected.
“There must be no hindrance in marriages, transportation of goods, etc. However, the number of people attending events may be limited and mini-containment zones ought to be created within high-risk areas. In this regard, the Crisis Management Group of the district concerned may take decisions according to conditions at local level. Utilisation of masks is mandatory and non-compliance should attract fines. Social distancing is necessary. An awareness campaign must be launched,” the senior politician was officially quoted as saying while reviewing the situation via videoconferencing.

The veteran leader directed special precautions in Indore and Bhopal districts as 565 more sufferers – the state’s highest – were detected in the former on this day while the latter’s figure was 324. Positivity rates of Gwalior, Ratlam, Vidisha, Shivpuri, Ashoknagar, Datia and Anuppur have also been high during the past week. As much as 59 per cent of the state’s total patients are in residential quarantine and being monitored through Command and Control centres.

“Senior officers in-charge of each district ought to gear up as cases are spiralling again in Madhya Pradesh – more than 6,000 were detected in the past seven days,” the Chief Minister observed.

The number of active instances stands at 12,979 and testing capacity is 41,734 per ten lakh population.