Fake coal being delivered to power plants


  • Railway coal siding Bargawan case, government losing crores of revenue

Chronicle Reporter, Singrauli
Fake coal from Bargawan Coal Siding, located about 25 km away from the district headquarters, is being delivered in power plants. About 1500 tonnes of rakes are being used in the coming days. All this black game of coal is being done in front of the Railway Protection Force. But the eyes of RPF are disappearing during that time. Due to this game of coal, power generation companies are being hit by crores of rupees in a month.
In fact, according to the information received from the sources, these days the game of fake coal is being played on a large scale in Bargawan railway siding. Allegedly husk and dust are being transported from nearby stone crushers and dumping is being done on the railway siding. As soon as the evening sets in, the work of loading the coal into the rake of the goods train starts. This game of Black Diamond is being played for many months, but the Railway Protection Force is suddenly disappearing from sight. Sources are even telling that at least 10 to 15 days in a month, rakes are used and the game of mixing 1500 tonnes of husk in one rake is being played. The cost of one tonne of quality coal is around Rs 10,000. It is believed that they are leaving no stone unturned to make power plant companies suffer by manipulation of crores of rupees in one rake. Traders are very eager to mix fake coal i.e. husk and dust with crushers and are involved in the game of black diamond without any fear. The operatives of the coal company are leaving no stone unturned to loot the government's revenue by forming connivance.
Made a different trick...
Roshan, who acts like a fog to the light by sending fake adulterated coal to the power plant companies, is not concerned about it at all, but seems to be very expert in mixing husk and dust from the crushers. Although this is not the first incident, according to the discussions, the work of mixing the husk was going on earlier. When this thing became public, the district administration took action and joint action was taken by the mineral and revenue team. But after a few days, the coal traders working like a syndicate have come up with a different idea.
Till now this matter was not in my notice, if such irregularities are being done, then a team of officials will be sent to the site to investigate.