Farmers, labourers, weavers are India's true strength : Rahul


Chennai, jan 24 (UNI) On the second day of electioneering in  the Western belt of Tamil Nadu, Rahul Gandhi today interacted with weavers and addressed poll meetings in Tiruppur and Erode and said farmers, labourers and weavers were India's true strength.

In an interactive session with the weavver community at  Odanilai in Erode district, he said "When I look at India’s farmers, labourers, weavers, I see India’s true strength".

Mr Rahul, who offered floral tributes to Dheeran Chinnamalai - a Palayakkarar Pattakarar and Kongu chieftain - who inspired 
generations of Indians to fight despotism and continues to do so even today, said the Congress party will strive to uphold  the democratic rights of every Tamilian and every Indian.

'I have come here to learn from you, to listen to you and to  strengthen the relationship that my family and the people of  Tamil Nadu have had for many many years', he said, adding, he wanted to be soldier of the Tamil people in Delhi.

Stating that he was here to help people elect a govt of farmers, labourers, small and medium business people, he said he was for 
a government that looks after interests of people of Tamil Nadu, a govt that could not be blackmailed by Prime Minister Narendra
Modi and a government that would take the state forward.

He also briefly touched upon the LAC issue saying 'as we speak  today, thousands of Chinese troops are occupying our territory
and the man with a 56-inch chest cannot even say the word China', in a veiled reference to the Prime Minister.

For the first time, the Indian people could see that Chinese troops have occupied Indian territory, he said.

'That is the reality of our country', he added.

'We have the highest rate of unemployment that India has ever  faced. Our economic strength has been completely destroyed.
Accusing Mr Modi of running the country for 5 or 6 business  people, the former Congress Chief said Mr Modi does not run it for the farmers, labourers or even for the MSMEs that is  the future of the country.

He said during the COVID pandemic the richest people’s taxes were forgiven and the poorest were left starving and were 
made to fend for themselves, he alleged.

Stating that the current dispensation has destroyed Tamil  industry, Rahul said it was destroying Tamil agriculture.

'Now for the first time in our history, farmers are carrying  out a special Republic Day parade', he noted. Averring that the current leadership in the country believes  that there should be one idea, one culture, one language  running this country, he said they believe that the Tamil  language should have a second class place in India.'What gives them the right to say this?', he asked.

'If you treat Tamil people with love, attention and respect,you will get nothing but love, attention and respect in return',he said, adding 'here we can see some great leaders of Tamil Nadu, these people were emblems of your history, language and culture'.

Mr Rahul said If the Prime Minister cares to read the Tamil history, he would understand that for thousands of years the Tamil people only believe in one language, the language of  love and the language of respect.Pointing out that he was present here representing a tradition,Rahul said it was sad that the Prime Minsiter, the BJP and theRSS do not have respect for the culture, language and people
of Tamil Nadu.