Felling of green teak trees near range office


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Indiscriminate cutting of green and precious teak trees is being done in the forest near the forest range office of the city, whose testimony is being given by fresh stubs.
Surprisingly, this is happening in the forest just a short distance from the city and forest department's range office, where the cutting of huge teak's trees continues unabated.
It is discussed that lakhs of rupees are being spent on nursery and other schemes in the forest area in a haphazard manner. According to the sources, for many years in the forest range, Chapara, the formality was done after taking a few actions on the information of the informer, due to which a big gang is active in teak smuggling. When Deputy Ranger Sanjay Jaiswal was asked about the cutting of teak trees in the forest adjacent to the city and forest range office, his answer was also completely irresponsible.