Fire started coming out instead of water while boring


Stir created in Jhumta
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
To extract water for drinking in the secondary school Jhumta under Gunaur tehsil of the district, boring was being done by the school from the government amount. After about 50 feet of excavation, a fire started coming out suddenly instead of water and the machine started burning due to a terrible fire, which caused a stir.
Immediately local people informed Gunaur police and administration, as soon as the information was received, the fire brigade machine reached the spot and the fire brigade machines tried to extinguish the fire of the boring machine. But even after trying for two hours, the fire was not brought under control.
Somehow the boring machine has been separated from that spot. But by then most of the machine was burnt but it has been taken apart, despite that the fire is still on at the respective excavation site. Despite water being poured continuously, the flames have not stopped, till the time of writing the news, local people told that there is still a fire, on pouring water, the fire takes a more formidable form. The said incident has created a stir in the area.
People believe that there is either a gas reserve at the said place or a substance like petrol, diesel is available, due to which the flames are coming out. Only the gas related departments can give information by surveying in this regard, on getting information about the incident, SDOP will be sent to the concerned place. During this, the staff of Gunaur, Tehsildar, Nagar Panchayat Gunaur and people of the surrounding area is present in large numbers.