First Zygomatic implants conducted in AIIMS


  • Patient able to chew food after 18 months

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Over 18 months after the upper jaw was removed due to black fungus, the dental department of AIIMS, Bhopal has revived it with zygomatic implants. AIIMS has claimed that this is the first case in the state MP of Bhopal district and the state, in which teeth damaged due to black fungus were successfully revived with zygomatic implants and prosthesis. In March 2021, a resident of Bhopal, was diagnosed with black fungus due to which his upper jaw (maxillary bone on both sides) had rotten, and all the upper teeth were destroyed. He was operated upon at AIIMS and his upper jaw had to be removed. His life was saved but he lost his upper jaw and the teeth. The man was facing a lot of difficulty in eating and so he again consulted AIIMS where the doctors advised him to go for placement of upper jaw and teeth with zygomatic implants. The patient underwent 2 hours of surgery of zygomatic implants. A few days later, the work of implanting the prosthesis of the teeth over the zygomatic implants was done. The procedure took over a week. The doctors then made the patient fit to eat by using prosthetics. Now after around the one-and-a-half year, the man is able to properly chew his food.
 Zygomatic surgery is very complicated
The Executive Director of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Ajay Singh and the Head of the Department, Prof. Dr. Pankaj Goyal have congratulated the entire team. Dr Anshul Rai told that last year many people were operated for black fungus at AIIMS Bhopal. Now those people are coming to get the implantation of teeth done. Dental implant surgery with zygomatic implants is very complex. There is also a risk of eye damage in this. He said that such patients, whose jaws were removed due to black fungus, have also sought funding from the Indian Council of Medical Research for the installation of zygomatic implants prosthesis. After getting the funding, treatment of this type of patients will be possible absolutely free of cost.
7-8 lakh rupees would spend in Mumbai
A doctor from Mumbai told the patient, the cost of 7-8 lakh rupees for this surgery. Then he came to AIIMS and showed it to Dr. Anshul Rai and made the top root and said to put the teeth. Dr Anshul Rai advised to put upper jaw and teeth by applying zygomatic implants and told about all possible risks. The cost in AIIMS was said to be very less. Then after that Dr. Anshul Rai did the surgery of zygomatic implants, which lasted about two hours. In which he was assisted by Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Farhan, Pradhan and Taruna. Then a few days later, the work of implanting the prosthesis of the teeth over the zygomatic implants was done, which was completed in about a week. With the use of prosthetics, Dr. Gunjan Choksi and Aman Patel, along with Dr. Anshul Rai, made the patient fit to eat. The patient got the good fortune of chewing and eating food after about 18 months and now the patient is very happy after having food.