Flood situation worsens, 3 bridges washed away, 8 die, 25 missing


  •  Rescued 5800 people from 1225 villages of 7 dists; contact lost with Sheopur, Vijaypur, also evacuated Sevdha

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The situation has become uncontrollable due to floods in Gwalior-Chambal region. So far 8 people have been confirmed dead, 25 people are missing, who are being searched by the rescue team. 5800 people have been rescued from 1225 villages on the banks of rivers in Sheopur, Shivpuri, Bhind, Morena, Datia, Guna and Gwalior. Sevdha, a large populated town in Datia, has been evacuated due to the threat of floods. More than 100 villages of Shivpuri have been evacuated. Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia says that about 2 thousand people are trapped in Shivpuri. Shivpuri remains the center of flood in the entire region.
Apart from this, more than 2000 people are waiting for help from the administration in Gwalior-Chambal zone. Since Tuesday night, 4 different parties of the army have taken over the front.
Due to the flood, the road between Dhobni-Vijaipur has been blocked. Sheopur's contact with Shivpuri, Gwalior, Kota Bara is broken. Due to the continuous rain in Sheopur for the last 3 days, many houses are submerged in water up to two floors. Lights and mobile networks are completely off. People are unable to communicate with each other.
Army personnel running relief operation
In the flood affected villages Luhari, Palaicha and Adampur of Bhitarwar Janpad Panchayat, along with the relief and rescue teams of the district administration, the soldiers of the Indian Army are also working shoulder to shoulder in helping the people.

5 children of Bhitarwar Nagar missing
There is painful news of 5 children of Bhitarwar Nagar missing in the floods. 17 year old resident Mastura is missing since 2 pm. Three bridges were washed away, only the way to Bhind and Morena is open.
In Gwalior Chambal zone, due to the rain for the last four days, life has been affected. Gwalior itself is cut from three sides. Three bridges around Gwalior have been washed away in the floods. Due to which the road connectivity has been broken. The highway going to Indore via Shivpuri and the highway going to Jhansi, or the way through Sankua. Only the road towards Bhind and Morena is open now. However, the Jhansi railway track was also closed till 2 pm. But the railway track to Indore has been washed away in the rain. That is, the track to Indore has been stopped.

Shivpuri Highway: The highway going from Gwalior to Indore and Bhopal has been cut near Mohana of Shivpuri. The flood water has come on the highway and the highway has been closed. Due to this the traffic on the highway has come to a standstill. Vehicles are parked on the highway. However, traffic has started from the old highway. But the traffic has not been smooth from here. With this, the bypass has been closed in Shivpuri.

Gwalior to Jhansi Road: In the middle of Dabra Datia on Gwalior Jhansi road, there was a crack in the Goraghat bridge built on the Sindh river. On this the traffic has been stopped by the administration. That is, the traffic of Gwalior to Datia, Jhansi got affected. 

Datia to Ratangarh: The Sindh river bridge connecting Datia to Ratangarh Mata has also been washed away. That's why the traffic has stopped here too. However, the river is still in spate.

Sankua Bridge: The bridge built on the Sindh river between Sevdha Datia and Sankua was washed away on Wednesday. Gwalior is also directly connected by this bridge. But on Wednesday this bridge also got washed away.

Railway track: Railway traffic was closed on Tuesday night on the Gwalior to Jhansi route. On the track from Gwalior to Jhansi, there was a problem on the railway bridge of Sindh river. However, the railways restored traffic at 2 pm. The railway track on the Gwalior-Indore route has been washed away near Mohana. Therefore, this track has been closed by the Railways indefinitely. It is still raining in this area.

More than 200 villages of Shivpuri and Sheopur submerged
In Vijaypur-Veerpur of Sheopur, 30 villages are being evacuated due to deteriorating situation. People are being shifted to safer places by boats and helicopters. Due to rising water level in Shivpuri, 10 gates of Madikheda Dam have been opened. This has created a danger of worsening the situation. The rivers of the entire Gwalior-Chambal region are in spate due to rain. All the dams in the area have been filled. The Sindh river in Datia is also in spate due to the water released from Shivpuri Dam. On this Sindh river, a bridge was built under the Ratangarh Mata temple. The worst affected are Shivpuri and Sheopur districts. More than 200 villages of these two districts have been submerged. Roads and railway tracks have been flooded at many places. Traffic has been stopped due to water coming on Agra-Mumbai highway in Gwalior district. Air Force has also started operations in the flood-affected areas after the weather improved.

CM discusses with Modi
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today again discussed the situation on the phone with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and inquired about the latest situation. On Tuesday too, Mr. Modi had discussed twice with Mr. Chouhan and assured that the Center would provide all possible help for relief and rescue work in the flood-affected areas. At the same time, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also discussed with Chouhan over phone today. Chouhan informed about the relief and rescue work in the flood affected areas.
According to official sources, Chouhan informed Modi that relief and rescue work is going on in the flood affected areas in Shivpuri, Sheopur, Datia, Gwalior, Guna, Bhind and Morena districts of the state and around 5800 civilians have been rescued safely since this morning has been taken. 1225 villages of these districts have been affected. According to an estimate, about 1400 people are still trapped in the flood affected areas, for which the help of Army, NDRF, SDRF and local administration is being taken to rescue them.