Full dress rehearsal of Republic Day organised at Lal Parade


  • 15 tableaux to be taken out on Republic Day

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal-This time the Republic Day will include tableaux of only 15 departments. Last year, 25 tableaux were included. This time due to the corona, the number of tableaux has been reduced. Along with this there is the problem of budget. This time, the main theme in the tableaux to be taken out on Republic Day will be self-sufficient India. It will have a glimpse of the works done in the corona era including the metro. In the tableau of the Forest Department, a description of the decoction and other medicines made in the corona period will be seen.

Global Skill Park will also be seen this time
Metro will be shown in the tableau of the urban administration. It will highlight the growing network of metro trains in the state. The tableau of the Department of Technical Education covers the design of Global Skill Park, modern farming and skill development project. The Department of Culture is monitoring the tableaux. 

Tableaux of various departments
- Panchayat and Rural Development
- Public Health and Family Welfare
- Animal Husbandry
- Social Justice
- Tribal Welfare Department
- Scheduled Caste Welfare
- Horticulture Department
- Archeology Department
- Technical Education
- Urban Administration
- Micro, small and medium enterprises department
- Home Department
- School Education
- Forest Department