Govt fully vigilant about Coronavirus situation: PM


New Delhi,  Amid growing threat of Coronavirus in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that the government is fully vigilant about the situation arising due to the virus.In a series of tweets, the PM said that the Government has taken proactive steps to ensure safety of the people in the country.
Urging the public not to panic, the PM stressed the need to take precautions to prevent spread of the virus. 'The Government is fully vigilant about the situation due to COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus . Across ministries and states, multiple steps have been proactively taken to ensure safety of all.  These steps are wide-ranging, from suspension of Visas to augmenting healthcare capacities,' the PM said. Calling on people not to panic, the PM said, 'Say No to Panic, Say Yes to Precautions. No Minister of the Central Government will travel abroad in the upcoming days. 'I urge our countrymen to also avoid non-essential travel. We can break the chain of spread and ensure safety of all by avoiding large gatherings.' The number of confirmed corona cases has risen to 73 in India.