Hamidia Hospital to be infection free with rejuvenation scheme


Scheme is applicable in AIIMS and district hospitals

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, Hamidia, the largest government hospital in the capital, Bhopal, remains in dispute regarding carelessness and cleanliness in treating patients. Now this medical college affiliated hospital will be connected with “Kayakalp Yojna”( Rejuvenation scheme).

In fact, the officials of the Department of Medical Education are preparing to start the rejuvenation scheme in the government medical colleges of the state.

This would be advantage

This will improve the arrangements in hospitals affiliated with colleges. Patients will have less infection from the hospital. They will get treatment on time.

Disposal of biomedical waste will also be done according to the parameters. Explain that in the rejuvenation scheme, the hospital is evaluated on these criteria. The officers of the Medical Education Department have assured the officers of the Health Department to implement the rejuvenation scheme. Right now CHC, Civil Hospital, District Hospital and AIIMS were being evaluated under this scheme.

Evaluation is done at 250 points in six categories. Good environment to the patient, facilities in OPD, investigation, short time in drug delivery, maintenance of building, prevention of infection and disposal of bio medical waste, ancillary services, basic facilities, drinking water, seating arrangement, toilets, fans, coolers, AC etc. Arrangements and protocols are seen.

-Officials of the Medical Education Department have given consent to start the rejuvenation scheme. To get the cash reward from the National Health Mission, project implementation plan (PIP) was sent to government of India while including proposal in it. 
-Dr Pankaj Shukla, Joint Director, NHM