Haze, drizzle makes city’s weather chilly


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Due to the low pressure area being created in the Bay of Bengal and the second low pressure being created in the Arabian Sea, clouds have started forming in Madhya Pradesh. Clouds soaked Indore, Ujjain and Ratlam overnight. It has been raining intermittently since morning. Cold winds have increased the chill. In Bhopal, the day and night temperatures dipped to 25 and 20 degrees Celsius respectively.  
As per the weather department, many districts in western parts of the state, including Indore, witnessed light showers on Thursday and it is expected to cover more divisions such as - Bundelkhand, Mahakaushal, Vindhyanchal and Bhopal by Thursday and Friday. 
Bhopal has also been cloudy and hazy since morning. It is raining in between. Light rain fell in the Kolar area. Due to the low pressure building in the Bay of Bengal, there will be thunder and lightning conditions around Bundelkhand, Mahakaushal, Vindhya and Bhopal. Along with this, due to the low-pressure being created in the Arabian Sea, more rainfall may occur in Indore divisions along with Ujjain, Gwalior-Chambal divisions.

Good rain in Ujjain, Chambal divisions lilely
Meteorologist PK Saha said that there will be good rain at some places in Ujjain and Gwalior-Chambal divisions also. There is a possibility of rain and thundershowers in Bhopal. The night mercury will come down further after the clouds have cleared. However, the maximum temperature will not come down much.

Beginning of Dec in Indore with drizzle for third year in a row
 For three consecutive years, December is starting with drops in Indore. According to experts, the rain was due to the moisture coming from the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The rain, which started on Wednesday afternoon, continued till night. Due to this, the maximum temperature of the day came down by 6 degrees from the average to 23.2 degrees. The minimum temperature was recorded at 16.8 degrees Celsius, 4 notches above the average. In 2019 and 20 also, December started with clouds.
The day temperature dropped by 6 degrees in 24 hours due to rain in Ratlam. The difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures was only 6 degrees. It started drizzling from 8 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday, which started raining heavily by 9.30 o'clock. This process continued throughout the day, till 1 o'clock in the night, sometimes it rained heavily and sometimes. On Wednesday, the maximum temperature was 20.6 degrees and the minimum temperature was 14.6 degrees. Compared to Tuesday, the maximum temperature decreased by 6 degrees and the minimum temperature increased by 1 degree. On Tuesday, the maximum temperature was 26.6 degrees and the minimum temperature was 13.6 degrees.
The fresh rainfall in the winter is being received due to western disturbances (WDs), a phenomenon whose arrival in winter is associated with snow and rain in the Himalayas and parts of northwest India. They typically originate as low-pressure systems over the Mediterranean Sea, and the high-altitude westerly winds push them towards India. On the way, WDs gather moisture from various sources, including the Mediterranean, Caspian, and sometimes even the Arabian Sea, according to a senior official in the weather department in Bhopal. Meanwhile, the mercury started dipping in pockets of the state.