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In most of the countries, the sexuality of a woman is considered as sin, says Ekta Kapoor


Bollywood,s very own content Czarina, Ekta Kapoor has always been a bold personality, being the great mind that she is, she always brings a varied kind of content for her audiences. This time as her new series, The Married Woman is all set to launch she has come out and mouthed yet another personal feeling of her on the kind of content she makes.

It is a conscious decision. In most of the countries, the sexuality of a woman is considered as sin. Thats a big problem and I was told many times that I was a big part of that journey -- by showcasing women wearing sarees and sindoor (on her TV shows). I have somehow stunted the growth of women in this country. I don't agree to this because I felt that a woman in a saree is a choice, as a woman in a swimsuit, says the mastermind behind Altbalaji.

She adds that she has narrated several stories of conservative women with household issues, and now it is time to tell stories of women who have other issuesI have told several stories of conservative women who have household issues, now it's time talk about different things. Every woman in different stages of their life have choices and it's their choice. They don,t become good or bad by any of their choices, sums up the TV producer.

Ekta Kapoor,s feelings come in line with the kind of content she been bringing out in recent times. Her next series, The Married Woman touches yet another less explored area of female sexuality of a married woman and it only shows how the content Ekta brings forward eveloves with time as it raises more progressive question each time.

Ekta,s The Married Woman releases on 8th of March. Ridhi and Monica Dogra play the leads of the series as Ekta and Altbalaji bring on yet another bold and less spoken about issue to the forefront.