Incomplete construction of sewage line creating problems



  •  Obstruction of traffic for residents

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The construction work of Narmada pipeline in Jatkhedi has been left incomplete under the Amrit Yojana campaign by the Municipal Corporation. Due to incomplete construction, the residents of the colony are facing many problems including traffic hindrance.
According to residents, the Narmada pipeline behind Jatkhedi Eden Park and in SRK Ward 53 has been left incomplete after repairing. Due to unfinished job, the traffic has been disrupted. Also, when there is little rain, mud spreads all over the road.
 Action not being taken even after complaint
Residents appealed to the municipal authorities to complete the construction work, but no action has been taken so far. Residents said that a complaint was made to Nilesh Srivastava, zonal officer of zone number 13, Avinash Thackeray, officer of Amrit Yojana and AR Pawar, officer of Narmada pipeline, but the problem has not been resolved.
In Jatkhedi, a sewage line has been laid under the AMRUT scheme and half has been abandoned. Due to incomplete construction work, there is a problem in traffic. Complaint was made to the municipal authorities, but no hearing.
Ramesh Chandra Bakoria, Resident.