Jeev Sewa Sansthan: 28 years of Service and Assistance



Bhopal: Paramhansa Sant Hirdaram Sahib ji preached his disciples that the service and assistance to poor and down trodden is equal to the worshiping God. These learning have inspired disciples to undertake numerous social activities for the people of down trodden classes. Sant ji initiated many social and educational activities like rendering health services, education, women empowerment, skill development, employment, strong composition of families and various social developmental activities for the upliftment of these classes. By this way 40 Lakh people of 10 nearby districts could be benefited within 35 years. 

Emergence of Jeev Sewa Sansthan
Although Paramhansa Sant Hirdaram Sahib ji had initiated social activites 60 years ago in this suberb of state capital, even though it was always strongly felt the lack of proper planning, budgetary provisions and monitoring in the implementation of social services. In view to full fill this administrative lapse. One apex organization named Jeev Sewa Sansthan was planned to form and thus this apex body came into existence in 1994. At present Rev. Siddh bhuaji is its chair person while Mahesh Dayaramani is looking after the charge of the secretary. Few other trustees are also rendering their services to this body.
Realizing the impact of human development and social upliftment activities run by Paramhansa Sant Hirdaram Sahib ji. The state and union governments have recognized his services and acknowledging these achievements the state governments had change the name of the suburb Bairagarh to Sant Hirdaram Nagar. Ministry of railways also changed the name accordingly. The state government in the year 2006 conferred prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Award to Jeev Sewa Sansthan on rendering selfless and excellent services in the field of social development. Former deputy Prime Ministry Lal Krishna Adwani rewarded JSS for running many welfaral activities for the martyr’s families of Kargil war. 

In view to educate the society and young citizens 16 schools/colleges have been setup in Sant Hirdaram Nagar by the four educational societies. Of them Shahid Hemu Kalani educational society run 8 schools in which 7,223 students have been admitted. Sudhar Sabha is running 02 schools where 1872 students are studying. Similarly in Laxmi Devi Vikyomal Shroff educational society runs 4 schools and 2832 students study in those institutions. Sant Hirdaram management studies is exclusively for girls students where 2219 girls are admitted. Thus 14146 students are being imparted education this year. 
Paramhansa Sant Hirdaram Sahib ji often expressed that the blind person always deprived of seeing the beautiful creation of almighty God. Observing the agony of blind he established Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital in the year 1987 on a very small scale. Now within 35 years of the selfless service to the blind persons this hospital has examined and treated 27.76 Lakh eye patients of 10 nearby districts and over 3 Lakh Cataract surgeries have so far been done. Not only service to blind since 1994 Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital launched 96 Free Urology camps also. In which over 46000 out patients were diagnosed and treated, while surgeries of 10,946 Urology patients have been done. 

Healthy Body
Healthy body is the gift of almighty God. As per the preachings of Paramhansa Sant Hirdaram Sahib ji. Naturopathy center was established 33 years ago in the suburb. As many as 4.73 Lakh patients have been treated through the naturopathy system of treatment. Now the local people are also understanding very well and changing their life style and dietary habits as per the rules of naturopathy medicines. Now this message of naturopathy is spreading worldwide. There is a legend that the protection is better than cure. 

Upgradation of Primary Health Center
Jeev Sewa Sansthan initiated the construction of first floor and arranged the facility of 100 bed in then PHC of Sant Hirdaram Nagar. It resulted to clear the path of upgradation of PHC to Civil hospital. Similarly JSS also built 7 additional rooms and a cultural hall in Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School. 
Covid-19 Pandemic
JSS accorded sanction of Rs. 2000 per month to each 61 children who lost their single or both parents in the Covid-19 Pandemic. This financial assistance is being given for their lively hood and education. As per the initiative of Rev. Siddh Bhauji all schools run by JSS were converted to covid hospitals for the sake of corona patients. JSS also arranged free supply of Oxygen cylinder, Medicines, Food Packets, Biscuits and tea to the corona patients and their attenders, who were admitted in other pvt. Hospitals. JSS also made available Rs. 48.75 lakh for the full and part payment to the pvt. Corona hospitals. This amount was paid to the hospital for the purchase of life saving drugs, vaccines, Oxygen Concentrators and food pkts to the families of patients who were under treatment in home isolation.

Assistance during calamities 
JSS arranged a water cooler at Sant Hirdaram Nagar Railway Station to supply chilled water to passing through passengers. In the year 2001 JSS supplied food pkt. Medicines, Tents and other required material to earthquake victims of Kuchh Bhuj. In 2013 meals, medicines and other required resque material were supply to the flood effected persons of Hoshangabad town. Not only these charities but many people living in Sant Hirdaram Nagar are also being regularly given assistance since long period. JSS rebuilt old govt. primary school of Sant Hirdaram Nagar in the year of 2002. JSS granted Rs. 15 Lakh as financial assistance to the school. 
Drinking Water Supply
Inhabitants of Sant Hirdaram Nagar were facing acute water supply problem in the township. Paramhansa Sant Hirdaram Sahib ji commanded his disciples to install few tube wells in the water crisis areas of the town. Soon after this work was undertaken and thus since last 30 years local people are quenching their thrust from this soft and sweet water of Santji. 

Vocational trainings
In view to enhance the vocational skill of the unemployed youth Sant ji established a vocational training center named Bhagwan Kala Kendra. Since its inception 37,423 youth have so far been trained under many vocational trades. Of them many have succeeded to get fruitful employment. 
Body Building
Young people are always keen for their beautiful and strong body. Looking to the need of this group of society a Gym was opened in the name of Fabiani Fitness center. As many as 12,564 people have so far been performed exercises on modern modes and equipments of Gymnasium. Thus they succeeded to the beautify their body and strengthen physical posture. 
Regular Bhandara (Kitchen)
Santji set a regular Bhandara in  the campus of Shiva temple on December 4th, 2006. Where everyday app. 100 contract labourer, beggars, plastic bags picker children are regularly given free food pkt. Over 5.84 Lakh food pkt have been given to them till now.
Miscellaneous Service and assistance activities
Poverty is a curse in the society. A big number of destitute, illiterate, disabled and widows are always remain in need of financial assistance. Feeling the need of the poor people JSS distributes free Ration kits every month to 442 families of Sant Hirdaram Nagar. In the winter season JSS distributes free blankets to those persons who are compelled to spent night on the footpath, railway platform, Bus stand or open areas. JSS have yet distributed 27,822 blankets to those poor people. Expectant mothers are provided nutritious food so as they can deliver healthy baby. JSS is giving financial assistance to 308 poor but meritorious students to carry on their higher studies. 318 poor widows are also being given regular financial help. JSS have contributed Rs. 5000 to each family of diseased for their last rites. Under this scheme grant has been given to the families of 801diseased. JSS also gave financial assistance to the families of 3467 girls to ceremonies their marriages.