Jennifer Garner SHARES sweet video from her visit to the Afghan refugee center: 'This is a human endeavor'


Jennifer Garner is giving back to the community by volunteering her time to children in need. According to a news statement from Save the Children, as per PEOPLE, the 49-year-old actress visited an Afghan refugee facility in Washington, D.C. earlier this week, which serves as the first stop for hundreds of people who have just fled Afghanistan.
The facility, which is supported by the organization, is situated in Dulles Airport and includes a private area set up by Save the Children for families with babies to care for them as required. The organization provides essentials like diapers and blankets, as well as bags for children that include "comfort things" such as toys and plush animals. According to Save the Children, about 30,000 people have fled Afghanistan in recent weeks, with nearly 40% of them being children under the age of 12.
Meanwhile, Garner, a Save the Children trustee and ambassador, posted a beautiful video from her journey to see Afghan children on her Instagram account on Friday. In one scene from the video, the Yes Day actress expresses her desire to play with the youngsters to staff at the facility. When a member of staff notifies her that she has pipe cleaners for the youngsters to use, she informs Garner that she "might get mobbed," to which she replies with excitement, "Great! I want to get mobbed." Later in the video, Garner gets a firsthand glimpse at all of the hard work that is being put in to assist the children and families in need, including all of the goods that have been lined up to give.
"This is a human endeavor," Garner wrote alongside her post. "I am so grateful Save the Children is helping the US Dept of State welcome Afghan refugees, and hope you can help me support these families and this work."