Learnt about good and bad touch through story of sheep and wolf


  • Mithi and Navnidh schools organize awareness session against child sexual abuse   

Bhopal: Established with the blessings of Sant Hirdaram Sahibji and operated under the inspirational guidance of revered Siddha Bhauji, quality education is being imparted in all schools and colleges of Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society.
For this purpose, according to the resolution passed in the meeting of the Juvenile Justice Committee Hon'ble High Court, Jabalpur (MP) in Mithi and Navnidh schools run by the institution, today organized separate special awareness sessions 'Good Touch, Bad Touch' in both the prestigious schools. ' 
At the beginning of the session, the vice principals of the schools, Mrs. Asha Changlani (Mithi) and Mrs. Rekha Keolani (Navnidh), while explaining the purpose of the session, said that in view of the present circumstances, the kind of incidents that are coming to the fore. It has become necessary that we alert our children in time. Apart from the home for the children, the school is also called the second home. 
It is the responsibility of the parents as well as the teachers to explain the good and bad touch to the students so that the children especially the girl students can understand the possible crime. While explaining to the students, you said that if someone touches you with a bad intention, then you must tell your mother, teachers and friends about this.
On this occasion, the academic director of the institution, Shri Gopal Girdhani said that at home, students live under the protection of their parents, but they need to be extra vigilant in the outside world. If there is even the slightest doubt on anyone, react immediately or else the person with criminal tendency will get more encouragement. Do not hide these things and must tell your parents or teachers.
In their inspiring speeches, counselor of Navnidh, Dr. Archana Gupta and counselor of Mithi, Mr. Piyush Turkar explained to the students in their unique style through the story of sheep and wolf that even bad people are present around us in sheep's skin and taking the opportunity, they can do wrong things with us. You have to learn to recognize such people around you. You should always obey your mother and teachers. If someone touches you in a bad mood, then on realizing it, you should immediately oppose, refuse, run away from such place immediately and reach home and tell your mother about it. Dr. Gupta and Mr. Piyush Turkar told through direct demonstration that which touch has been done in the wrong sense. You explained to the students the difference between right and wrong touch through PPT and video.
Every year 'My mother is my best friend' session is organized in the school. In this session also, it is explained to the students that they should make their mother their friend (sakhi) and must tell all the things to them. Mini Nair, coordinator of Mithi also addressed the programmes.